Selenite Tealight holder
Selenite Tealight holder
Selenite Tealight holder
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Selenite Tealight holder

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Beautifully made into a polished sphere, our Selenite tealight holder will create a calm and soothing aura. When in use as a tealight holder, a dreamy soft glow is created transforming your space and encouraging positive vibes. A wonderful addition to working with the moon cycles, rituals, meditations, journaling, self-care routines - to name a few!

Selenite (also called Satin Spar) is a fibrous and crystallized form of Gypsum. Named after the Greek word for the moon, it is the ultimate crystal with its high vibrations and cleansing properties. Selenite promotes peace and calmness, mental clarity, and a balancing energy within the home.

Size approx: 2”-3.2” width

Origin: Morocco


***Price is for 1 tealight holder and does not include tealights. As this is a natural item made from selenite crystal, please allow for a difference in size, color, shape, etc***

***Care Instructions***
Please use a clean, dry cloth only to clean. Due to Selenite being a soft form of the mineral Gypsum, it is not suitable to use with water or chemicals. Exposure to water and chemical products will damage the Selenite Tealight Holder.

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